Was born in 1960 in Vigevano, an old town with a great shoe tradition near Milano, Italy.

He and his brother Mario have owned a shoe-factory directions. his dream was to create exclusive styles,
He studies closely the Milano design and fashion directions.
This helps him put his own creativeness into practice.not leaving to others the interpretation of his own ideas and tends.
Massimo understands the importance of producing in italy, using his own materials and ornaments, in order to create his own exclusive designs maintaining the tradition of the best Italian craftsmanship.
This is the reason for building a team of qualified manufacturers to develop the soles, ornaments and materials.

Massimo’ sandals stand out as the best combination of fashion components and colors, in order to offer the most attractive fashion trends.
Massimo Cerutti is well known throughout Italy for for his creative work and develops 4 collections a year, based on the latest fashion trends and can be found in the most important fashion markets of the world.